Integrate with YAZZ

API: Empowering Integration and Seamless Connectivity.

YAZZ provides a robust and reliable Application Programming Interface (API) that allows businesses and developers to seamlessly integrate our financial services into their own applications and systems. Our API offers a range of functionalities and data endpoints, enabling secure and efficient communication with the YAZZ platform.

Micro Services Architecture.

Scalable and modular architecture for efficient development and deployment of services.

Sandbox/Testing Account.

Explore and test our platform's features in a secure and controlled environment.

Developer Friendly Code.

Well-documented and easy-to-use code, empowering developers to integrate with YAZZ seamlessly.

API Tokens/Rate Limits.

Securely manage API access with tokens and enforce rate limits for efficient and controlled usage.

Power your business

An API for Businesses of All Shapes & Sizes.

With our API, businesses can leverage the power of YAZZ’s financial services, such as money transfers, account management, and transaction history, to enhance their own offerings. The API documentation and developer resources provided by YAZZ facilitate smooth integration and provide comprehensive support for implementation.

We prioritize the security and integrity of our API, implementing industry-standard authentication and authorization protocols to ensure secure access and protect sensitive data. Our dedicated developer support team is available to assist throughout the integration process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Empower your business

The Possibilities are Endless.

Power your business

Getting Started is Easy.

Experience the benefits of integrating with YAZZ’s API and unlock new possibilities for your business. Seamlessly connect to our financial services and provide enhanced value to your customers through our secure and reliable API integration.

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